Madden Family 2015

Hanging out with delightful people is the best part of my job as a photographer.  This was a perfect Fall day and we had a bunch of fun together.  Enjoy the pictures!


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Dalton Family at Antelope Island- July 6, 2014

Seriously, I cannot express how much fun I have with the Daltons.  Every. Single. Time.  They have got to be some of my favorite people in the whole world.  I haven’t seen them forever since they moved across country…but it was like no time had gone by at all.  Except for the fact that their boy is now huge!  We went to buggy Antelope Island.  It was hot.  It was buggy.  We walked a lot.  It was a lot of fun!  I hope they enjoy their pictures!  *Big hugs!!*


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Goodrich Family 2013

I would like to introduce you to my friend, Iride, and her family.  Iride and I went to college together…two lone girls in a class full of guys.  It was a fun, fun couple of years in our program.  She called me a couple weeks ago to take pictures of her beautiful family.  She has 7 children, 5 girls and 2 boys.  She also has 3 grandchildren now, and they are beautiful!  They also brought along the family dogs…so between kids, grandkids and puppy-kids, it was a pretty fun-filled evening of taking pictures of this beautiful, growing family.  It was great to see you, Iride!!



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Angie and Carter Dalton 2010

Today I had an absolute blast chasing 3 and a half year old Carter and his Mom around Gardner Village.  It was so much fun taking pictures of some of my favorite people!  Enjoy the pictures!

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DeEtte and Eric Voellger

It is very rare to have such a fun, fun day all the while being rained on!  DeEtte and Eric were married in the Salt Lake Temple, and it couldn’t have been more fun or more wet!  I guess Eric and the kids were used to weather like this, since they’re from Seattle.  I was apprehensive, but everyone was just so excited for DeEtte and Eric that it didn’t seem like anyone really minded the rain and we had a really good time!  We got some really great pictures, too, so we got the best of both worlds!

Congratulations DeEtte and Eric!

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Jenae and Shane are engaged!

Jenae and Shane are engaged!  We went to Gardner Village and took their engagement pictures with their children.  It was a really fun time!  What better way to spend an afternoon than hanging out with dear friends and having fun taking pictures!  It was great!  Congratulations you guys!!

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Mark Fisher and Family 2009

Today I had the opportunity to take pictures of the Fisher family.  This family was truly hilarious!  I had a blast!  I love it when I get to hang out with truly cool people and do what I love best- take pictures!  So fun!

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