Cherisse and Wesley are getting married!!

I have to say that I had a blast taking these engagement pictures.  Cherisse and Wesley are super fun people to hang out with AND we went to the International Peace Gardens- a place I have never shot pictures in before.  I love it when it is fun, and an adventure.  Congratulations, you two!


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Jasher and Sreymeas Parco Family Portraits

Let me introduce you to my adorable friends: Jasher and Sreymeas.  They were married last July in Cambodia and Sreymeas was able to join Jasher in the US in December.  They are getting ready to have a fun party to celebrate their marriage with their family and friends, so we went downtown and took some new family portraits for them to use in a slideshow during the party and for their invitations.  They were so fun to work with.  They made my job super easy- they were easy to work with and it is easy to take beautiful pictures of beautiful people.  It was a fun morning with beautiful light and beautiful people.  Congratulations, you two!!

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Sokly and Shauna- Engagement pictures

It’s always tricky doing photos outside in the middle of the Utah winter.  Last week it was relatively warm, dry and sunny.  Today, however, was cold and snowy.  The snow was a blessing because everything looks so much prettier covered in fresh, white, fluffy snow.  Sokly, Shauna and I went to Memory Grove to do their engagement pictures today.  It was a lot of fun and we got some really nice shots.  I am posting only the color pictures here.  Enjoy!

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Lindsey and James are engaged!

Lindsey and James are engaged!  We went to Memory Grove to take their engagement pictures.  It was crowded with a race finish line, but we stayed away from the crowds and had fun anyway!  Congratulations you guys!

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Jenae and Shane are engaged!

Jenae and Shane are engaged!  We went to Gardner Village and took their engagement pictures with their children.  It was a really fun time!  What better way to spend an afternoon than hanging out with dear friends and having fun taking pictures!  It was great!  Congratulations you guys!!

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