Julianna at 8 Months

Since my baby is turning 1 in a week, I am feeling a bit nostalgic.  I never posted her 8 month portraits…these were the last portraits I have actually set up and taken.  I know…bad, bad Mom!  Oh well.  I’ll update it in a week or so with her 1 year portraits, I promise!

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Crandall Family

I had such a great time taking this amazing family’s pictures!  The babies were so cute and so little!  It rained a bit, but we didn’t get too drenched, but we got some really cute pictures!  Good job, Crandalls!

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Salsbury family

This beautiful family is so much fun!  They bought their photo session with me as a way to support the YW in our ward!  I hope they are pleased with their charitable investment!

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